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EPISODE 60: Going Live!
18th March 2020
It’s squeaky bum time as we go live for the first time ever! Featuring Fallout and Mass Effect star Katy Townsend, Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing, Resident Evil 3, more delays and much more. Now streaming live every second Thursday on
EPISODE 59: PS5 Deep Dive
18th March 2020
Colin runs us through the deep dive of the PS5 from Mark Cerny – he’s got all the ‘flops. We also talk Xbox Series X, Dreams, Call of Duty Warzone and Arnie’s Donkeys.
EPISODE 58: Phil Spencer’s Nunchucks
6th March 2020
XBOX details, Last of Us TV show, Ghost of Tsushima release date, Hunt Showdown and Two Point Hospital impressions and much more!
**Apologies – we had numerous sound issues on this episode, rest assured we will return to normal next time.**
EPISODE 57: When The Teacher’s Away
21st February 2020
Drowning in games! Colin and Garry are taking the class while Paul is away and there is so many games to talk about! Draugen! Blair Witch! Underhero! Dreams! Hunt Showdown! AO Tennis 2! Drone Champions League!
EPISODE 56: Gods, Balls and Drama
7th February 2020
We’re a man down this week with Colin being away, but he sends in his report of Ash of Gods while Paul jumps into Rugby 20 and Football Drama. Garry and Paul also look at the Switch overtaking Xbox, a new Tomb Raider leak and Dan Houser leaving Rockstar.
EPISODE 55: Game of the Decade
24th January 2020
Garry, Colin and Paul swish through the last ten years and pick their top 5 games resulting in the first ever Nearly Men Game of the Decade. Also delays, delays and more delays!
10th January 2020
A huge bumper episode where we talk about our own games of the year and reveal the official Nearly Men Game of the Year!
EPISODE 53: Awarding Games
23rd December 2019
Kozinski lets Hogg-Simmons ride shotgun while Little is on panto duty for chat about The Game Awards results and announcments, the new Xbox, Pokemon, Jedi: Fallen Order and much more.
EPISODE 52: Jedi Stranding
22nd November 2019
Death Stranding and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order get a good looking at this week as well as Google Stadia, The Game Awards and celebrities!
EPISODE 51: Colin of Duty
8th November 2019
A Save Point X debrief, Garry talks about Disney Classic Games Aladdin and The Lion King, MediEvil and Outward while Colin plays a Call of Duty…!